Profile image Anthony Graddy 1mo ago

I'm currently working through a switch in focus.

I've been trying to market but I've realized that it is very difficult to onboard users because of the complexities involved in connecting to APIs. It is also a pain to work with various APIs because they are constantly changing and some require you to apply to even get access.

As I've been building and, I've realized I enjoy working on these two projects a lot more which made me realize I like building tools. And the industry I've always wanted to build tools for is the energy industry.

I grew up with connections to the energy industry so it was always something in the back of my mind. One of my early freelance clients was funded by an energy trader. As I've done more research, I realized that there are a lot of opportunities for tools that make it easier to work with data.

My plan going forward is to build data tools for my new (very early stages project) and focus on marketing and sales for that app. I'm still going to continue to run and update my other projects but my primary focus for now is PipeRiv.

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