Sell In Public was just built the weekend of February 2-4, 2024 and is currently in a very early alpha state. There are many changes and updates still to come.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 20:02 UTC has now officially launched! It is very, very early alpha with a lot of other features to come.

#BuildInPublic #SellInPublic

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 19:57 UTC

The very early alpha version of the #SellInPublic site has now been pushed to Github. There is still a lot more to do but I'm happy with this start:


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 16:30 UTC

Haven't gone to sleep yet, working through the final issues to get the very early alpha version of launched.

#SellInPublic #BuildInPublic

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 12:00 UTC

Finishing out the cron delay system to protect against spam on the #SellInPublic site. Starting off, new users will have a 48 hour delay. The delay will decrease as users post without getting moderated.


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 10:00 UTC

The #SellInPublic service is now added to my site. The login is not set up yet, but I'm getting closer to a very, very early alpha launch.


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 7:00 UTC

Nothing there yet, but I've got the repo for source code set up for the #SellInPublic site:


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 6:00 UTC

I'm tring to have a very minimal pre-alpha version of out tonight before I go to bed. I've got my todo list of what I need finish to launch, but not sure if I'll be able to get everything done.

#SellInPublic #BuildInPublic

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-05 5:00 UTC

The plan for #SellInPublic is to eventually add markdown support but not initially.


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-04 9:00 UTC

I use a custom web framework for my projects. I had to do a lot of clean up on it, but it is now ready to go. I'm behind schedule of where I'd like everything to be for the #SellInPublic site, but I'm still making good progress.


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-04 2:00 UTC

For the initial version of #SellInPublic, it will only have text and links. It'll be a lot easier to moderate and host.

Later, I may add images. I don't anticipate being able to do audio and video anytime soon just for bandwidth costs alone.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 23:00 UTC

The concept I want embraced for #SellInPublic is similar to the way #BuildInPublic works.

Encouraging people to share details and helpful tips that work for them. I want it to be the centralized place to learn how to sale and market an online business.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 18:00 UTC

Thinking through comment nesting. Really deep comments can cause issues with the UX. My plan right now for #SellInPublic is to limit comment threads to 10 deep. I'm curious if/how that will affect replies.


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 16:00 UTC

The #SellInPublic community site will protect against spam using time based delays. When a new account is created, they will be able to post but their content won't show up for an amount of time (like a 12 hour delay).

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 16:00 UTC

After the delay, the content will be posted publicly.

I will be able to manually review the new posts and also add some automated functionality to help indicate posts that are likely spam.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 16:00 UTC

Other users will also be able to flag posts to notify a moderator about spam or an abusive post.

If a user's post does not get moderated after a time period (like 48 hours), then their delay time will decrease.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 16:00 UTC

Accounts in good standing will have a delay time of 1 minute. Accounts that start posting spam or abusive content will have their delay time increased.


a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 12:00 UTC

The code for the community site will be open source (MIT licensed).

You'll be able to run your own community site using the code or with an API key you can use the open source code as a custom client to the main Sell In Public site.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 10:00 UTC

I'm building the #SellInPublic community site similar to the way I built FeedRiv (I documented it on the blog:

Right now, I'm still working through the paper design.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 8:00 UTC

The #SellInPublic site algorithms will be simple and public since the code will be open source.

If you follow someone, you will see their posts. You won't have to guess whether or not your posts will be seen by others.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 6:00 UTC

The #SellInPublic site will focus on professional conduct. Anything that is off topic from builder and creator topics will be removed.

Moderation will be in the open. There will be a public moderation log that anyone can see and access.