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Cold Outreach Report
Message Type: LinkedIn Message To Connection
Service Promoting:
Type: Need Help

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

I don't have any experience in natural gas, but I have been a software developer for 20+ years and know how to work with large amounts of data.

I'm reaching out to see what types of tools or data are needed in the industry that I could build that would be helpful to you.

As a director (congratulations, it looks like you started this new position at the beginning of the year!), is there any online tool that could help make your life easier? Is there any daily process that causes you frustration or that you wish could be simplified to save you or those under you time?

Right now I'm focused on building centralized, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use pipeline informational postings, but if there is something else I should be focusing on, I'm definitely open to any and all suggestions!


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