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Cold Outreach Report
Message Type: LinkedIn Message To Connection
Service Promoting:
Type: Start Personal Experience

Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting!

I was looking through your work experience and saw that you [HIGH SCHOOL JOB] in [CITY_A]. I grew up in [CITY_B] and my cousins grew up in [CITY_C] so I visited that area a lot growing up. That is a really beautiful area of [LARGE_CITY]!

Congratulations on working your way up to senior trader! I know it takes a lot of hard work to start off as an intern in the industry and work your way up.

As a software developer, I'm looking to learn what problems I can help solve in the natural gas industry. Would you be willing to help me out?

If so, could you let me know what your biggest day to day frustration is when trading natural gas?


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