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Question of the day:
What type of marketing are you doing, push or pull marketing and which do you prefer?

It seems that there are two types of marketing. Push outreach where you are reaching out to prospects (things like cold email, joining discussions, etc.). Pull outreach where you are building content, audience, or a community that attracts your prospects.

Push marketing is making use of outbound channels while pull marketing is working on improving your inbound channels.

What marketing are you focusing on (if both, what percentage of your efforts are you applying to each) and which do you prefer?

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Profile image Anthony Graddy 1w ago

For me, I prefer pull (I'm assuming most people do). For, I'm not sure who I should be targeting as prospects. For now, I also need to manually set up most users' metrics so push is probably more ideal than pull right now.

In the long term, I'd like to be working with these industries: Energy, Real Estate, eCommerce, and Bootstrappers.

I haven't figured out which one of those industries would make the best customers for me so I'm currently doing cold outreach to each of those (and a few other industries like Crypto and Finance).

I'm also building out this site which will hopefully bring in additional funds with Pro accounts and serve as pull marketing for

So for now, probably 85% push marketing and 15% pull marketing

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