Sell In Public was just built the weekend of February 2-4, 2024 and is currently in a very early alpha state. There are many changes and updates still to come.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 4:00 UTC

The website will be free to use. There will be an optional API that will cost (I'm thinking $5 / mo right now but that may change). There may also be a $5 / mo fee for advanced features (like multiple account switching).

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 2:00 UTC

The website will combine Twitter, old-school forums, and HackerNews.

It'll be open to all (I've got plans on how to manage spam). You will be able to follow, post, reply, and share links. Code will be open source.

a Anthony Graddy @agraddy 2024-02-03 1:00 UTC

Over this weekend (Feb 2-4, 2024), I'm building out - a new community for builders and creators to learn and share about sales and marketing.